My experience of working with Saskia has been like a breath of fresh air. In a challenging work environment her positive mindset and strong skill-set has provided me with clear counsel and strong strategic direction. Her IC knowledge, combined with a pragmatic approach, offers a complete package which has added significant value to performance levels in my role. I cannot recommend her services more highly.

Dominick Marshall-Smith

Saskia’s personable and engaging manner supports her succinct and structured approach to coaching, which has been invaluable in assisting me to consolidate my thoughts and ideas.

Sharon Viccars

I worked closely with Saskia to ensure that her communications needs using IT could be fulfilled. I found her to be incredibly professional with a real drive to make sure that she and her team were achieving what was required of them, and then some… She has really pushed and succeeded in having the CEO more available to the entire company. Her appetite to try new things should applauded especially as it has made such a positive impact.

Phil Paul

Saskia approaches a task with complete authority. She is self assured and self critical, constantly improving she is aware of the impact she has on a team and in the world. Saskia has fantastic intellect married with social finesse, she is a natural leader, grounded and forward thinking. Who wouldn’t want a Saskia in their team?

Sally Burton-Graham

I learnt so much working for Saskia on one of Oxfam’s biggest strategic change management projects. Communicating across a diverse and global audience was key to creating an environment for the change process to succeed, and Saskia’s continual drive, motivation and results driven approach, was a real inspiration

Samantha Scott

I invited Saskia to write for my All Things IC blog and she did an outstanding job creating internal communication guidelines for my readers to use. I enjoyed it so much I invited her back and had the pleasure of publishing her change communication strategy guidelines this week. I’m delighted to say we have another collaboration up our sleeves for the Autumn. Saskia is an exemplary communications professional who is clearly passionate about what she does and generously shares her knowledge with others to help them learn from her experience.

Rachel Miller

Saskia blogs regularly for H&H on topics ranging from internal communications to employee engagement and leadership development. She brings a wealth of insight, expertise and value to each article she writes, and her blogs always prove incredibly popular with our readers.

Michael Hargreaves

She’s creative, quick and driven. And she’s an inspirational leader, rightly confident in her strategic approach to internal communications and staff engagement.

Sally Otter

There is no doubt that Saskia is an immensely knowledgeable and skilful communicator who really understands just what it takes to create meaningful connections within organisations. The icing on the cake is that she’s also a real pleasure to work with!

Michael Hargreaves